Mr Beam Air Filter

As laser cutting and engraving is a thermal process, fumes may emerge depending on the working material. While the smell of engraved wood may still remind of a cozy camping night, it is quite different with other materials which might emit unpleasant odors.  The cheapest and best solution to always stay safe is our customized Mr Beam Air Filter System.

Mr Beam II includes a simple fume extraction system which can be used to vent the unfiltered fumes for example through a window. But if you don’t have the possibility or simply don’t want to move unfiltered fumes to the outside, we recommend you to use this custom Mr Beam Air Filter System. It fits perfectly under your desk (25x25x40cm | 10”x10”x16”) and comes with a hose. All fumes, particles and smells are safely filtered for indoor usage.
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