Mr Beam II dreamcut & Air Filter II Bundle

Be inspired by the new generation of lasercutting: Mr Beam dreamcut is here!

dreamcut technique:

- maintenance-free axles thanks to improved aluminum guides

- quieter air filter with higher air flow

- double * cutting speed by cleaning the cutting gap

- improved cooling and laser control

Mr Beam II, the desktop laser cutter and engraver. It features an integrated camera for the supported placement of your design onto the material! Simply connect your PC, Mac or tablet by WiFi, choose your own design and cut or engrave a wide variety of materials with Mr Beam II.

This Bundle includes the Mr Beam Air Filter II System, which fits perfectly under your desk (25x25x40cm | 10”x10”x16”) and comes with a hose. All fumes, particles and smells are safely filtered for indoor usage.

Pre-Sale starts 1st November 2019. Delivery date will be the beginning of December.